Martti Kalliala
Architect etc.

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Upcoming & Current
· ExoStead, installation, Home Works 7, Beirut 11/2015
· Liquid States — The Architecture of Seasteading, essay, Flash Art November-December 2015
· Winter Garden City Redux, essay, Volume #46: Shelter
· Dragons, Poets, and the Real World: Martti Kalliala in Conversation with Ursula K. Le Guin, Harvard Design Magazine A/W 2015
· Zikkurat, villa and exhibition space, undisclosed location, construction 2016
· Åzone Futures Market, online exhibition, Guggenheim, 10/15-

· Exitscape, six-part video with Daniel Keller at Daata Editions, 5/2015
· Ultimate Exit: The Architecture and Urbanism of Tech-Secessionism, Van Alen Institute, New York, 12/2014
· Liquid Governance: Martti Kalliala in Conversation with Patri Friedman, Harvard Design Magazine A/W 2014
· What is Seasteading?, DIS Magazine, 10/2014
· A Thousand Islands, with Pier Vittorio Aureli, Angus Cameron, Keller Easterling and Tuomas Toivonen, 2014
· The Tripping Subject, Harvard Design Magazine S/S 2014
· 100% Design, Zero Tolerance, essay, V4ULT Book, NERO 2014
· Lunch with Martti, interview, 2015
· Uuden mustan metsästys, essee, Arkkitehti 1/2015
· Disruption Begins at Home, with Jenna Sutela and PWR Studio, Helsinki Photography Biennale 2014

· Solution 239-246, Finland: The Welfare Game, Sternberg Press 2012