Martti Kalliala
Architect etc.

Martti Kalliala is an architect whose work focuses on the identification and conceptualization of
emerging spatial conditions. His current work is involved with notions of progress, liquidity and
technological disruption and their relationship to the production of space – most notably the home,
the workplace and the city.

He recently curated the symposia series A Thousand Islands, an extended discussion on
boundaries, limits, islands, enclaves/exclaves and states of exception as spatial protocols and
*Disruption Begins at Home* –  a speculative investigation into the ethos of homeownership under
a financialized economy of debt, produced in collaboration with artist / writer Jenna Sutela and
PWR Studio. He is also the editor and co-author of *Solution 239-246, Finland: The Welfare Game*
(Sternberg Press, 2011) and the author of several essays. Additionally, alongside his work as an
architect he has sustained, under several aliases, a longstanding international career in electronic
music. He is the founder of the design and research studio Pro Toto (under redevelopment) and
co-founder of the record label Black Ocean.

· Airbnb Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale 2014
· The Tripping Subject, Harvard Design Magazine S/S 2014

· *100% Design, Zero Tolerance*, essay, VAULT, Nero Press
· *Silicon Valley Secessionism*, curatorial / research program with Van Alen Institute, NY, fall 2014
· *D’VELOPER*, launching soon

· A Thousand Islands
· *Disruption Begins at Home*, Helsinki Photography Biennale 2014

· Solution 239-246, Finland: The Welfare Game